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3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Floating Bathroom Vanity

One of the things that are noticeable when entering a bathroom is the vanity. Apart from its role in holding the sink and offering the much-required storage, vanity enhances the aesthetic value of a bathroom. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, the trick to having the perfect floating vanity is choosing the one with the right style and size. No one wants to install a green cabinet in a black tuxedo bathroom. To select the perfect floating vanity, here are the three things to consider.

The Size

When it comes to bathroom accessories, consider the size is critical. If you choose a vanity that is too large or too small, everything in the bathroom will look out of place. In order to find the right size, one is expected to measure the existing vanity to get the reference point. The vanity should be proportional to other objects in the bathroom, and should also give ease for one to move around. The recommended clearance of the floating vanity from the opposing wall is 36 inches.

The Style of the Vanity

Another important factor that one should consider when buying a floating vanity is the style. It is important to blend the new cabinet with the bathroom décor. Choosing a Victorian design, for instance, would not go well with a contemporary arrangement. During shopping, individuals should look for a timeless style that will blend with their bathroom over a long period. With small floating vanities, one does not need to give up a lot for a unique look. A console sink is a unique way to enhance the bathroom look.

The Function of the Vanity

A final consideration during purchase is the functionality of vanity. Using the sink for regular day grooming should have a different style to a sink used for washing hands. Also, sinks and vanities have different top configurations which enable varying counter-top spaces. As such, if you need enough counter space top, install an under-mount bowl. However, with small counter-top space, one may be forced to install another shelf to place grooming supplies.

Installing floating bathroom supplies is never a difficult task. However, choosing the accurate size that fits well in the bathroom is the greatest challenge. To have a balanced bathroom with enough space, one should consider the above factors. With everything leveled, the floating vanity will serve a great purpose. Click on http://www.uniquevanities.com/wall-mount-floating-bathroom-vanities.html to view varieties of floating vanity.

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